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“Leading The Way Since 1970”
In the 1970’s, Wenig’s Heating & Cooling Systems was offering 85% efficient furnaces when the Industry average was 60% efficient. In 1982 Wenig’s was offering 97% efficiency furnaces when the Industry average was 80% efficient. In 1987 the Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives selected WaterFurnace International to be the geothermal system supplier to its members (customers) statewide, by opening WaterFurnace of Ohio, the distributor of WaterFurnace equipment to installing contractors in the state of Ohio. In 1987 Wenig’s made a commitment to offer sales, installation and service of this 300+ % efficient WaterFurnace geothermal system. With 3 installations in 1987, 17 installations in 1988, 30 installations in 1989 and 42 installations in 1990 Wenig’s continues to install about 30 to 40 WaterFurnace units per year and has over 1000 units installed since 1987 in the central Ohio area. Including Crawford, Delaware, Franklin, Hancock, Hardin, Licking, Logan, Marion, Morrow, Richland, Union and Wyandot counties. Wenig’s offers geothermal system and earth loop design service for both residential and commercial applications.


What is a Geothermal System

To learn more about Geothermal systems, please select the link below to watch a short video.


Geothermal Loop Types

There are four basic types of Geothermal loops that can be used: Horizontal, Vertical, Pond and Open. The type of loop used is based on available land space and installation costs for specific areas.


horizloop_web Horizontal Loops
These are often considered when adequate land surface is available. Pipes are placed in trenches that range in length from 100 to 400 feet.
vertloop_web Vertical Loops
These are the ideal choice when available land surface is limited. Drilling equipment is used to bore small-diameter holes from 75 to 300 feet deep.
pondloop_web Pond (Lake) Loops
These are very economical to install when a body of water is available, because excavation costs are virtually eliminated. Coils of pipe are simply placed on the bottom of the pond or lake.
openloop_web Open loops
These use groundwater as a direct energy source. In ideal conditions, an open-loop application can be the most economical type of geothermal system.


Products We Offer

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